Freeverse Feast Lyrics by Emiway is latest Rap song sung and written by him. Its music is given by Jacko and video is directed by Rayhaan patni.

Freeverse Feast Lyrics by Emiway

Song – Freeverse Feast
Singers – Emiway
Musicians – Jacko
Lyricists – Emiway
Directed By – Rayhaan patni

Freeverse Feast Lyrics

I eat rappers
‘coz I am a motherf*** beef rapper
Teach rappers how to rap
After that you can sleep rappers x (2)

They gonna be callin’ me copy Of Eminem
That’s ok
They gonna be sayin’ my accent is weak Bi*ch
That’s ok
They gonna be hatin’ but keep waitin’ for ma track
That’s ok
But I’m a motherf*** rapper bi*ch I am not ok
So stop telling me

Do this do, that that
I don’t know you who?
You go there
So you you you you you you you

Everybody motherf*** prove this now
Now I’m representing India no
One is doing it right now
Doing this for country still
They wanna fight let’s fight now

Representing India which
On straight outta hill x (3)

Antophill antophill

Give me the beat I’m gonna kill
I’m gonna kill, I’m gonna chill
I’m gonna do what I just feel
You people busy complaining
I’m payin’ expensive bill
If u think that I’m stupid
Bi*ch better go and check you skill

All these druggies sayin’
They are rappers go
And pop your pills
Lemme take my flow fast
Right now I’m doing
Slow fast so that I can take long breath
Pick it up
I’m gonna throw that
I’ve started walking ahead
For me there is a no back
It’s time to change the flow
You can’t do it it is so bad

These rappers busy choosing their topics
I’m writing comics
I think you people havin’ a fever go got get a tonic
My fans got all my symptoms
Emiway disease is chronic
Yeah I’m a Eminem fan
I’m going super sonic

Some are gonna face the money
Some are gonna get the money
Some are gonna write song
Bi*ch money Lamborghini
If you gonna keepin’ on
Waiting for your time
Teri maa ka saaki naaka
Jo bhi tere peechhe bhaga
Usse maine bola phat phat rukne ko
Phat phat rukne ko

Khuda ke alawa kaun bola tere ko
Kisi ke saamne jhukne ko
Lekin maine tera bhai
Bahot kuchh kehta hai
Sehta hai itna kuchh isliye to kehta hai
Pa ni sa sa re ga ma pa ni sa

Bivi banegi to rakhunga rani sa
Hadh kare paar zindagi ko
Woh gham teri baat dil se bolunga
Dhat teri maa
Lekin gaali nahi deta mere gaane mein

Sun meri baat tujhe bhool chuka hoon main
Sun meri baat tujhe mil chuka hoon main
Sun meri baat nahi karna hai yaad
Nahi bolna hai kuchh tere baare mein

Sabke begaahe bolte
Padhne ko padhayi bolte
Dene wale gaali bahot hai
Lekin mere bhai bahot hai
Gaane mein safai bahot hai
Zindagi ki seedhiyon chadhne mein
Chadhayi bohat hai kya? x (2)

No representing India which
On straight outta hill
I’m representing India which
On straight outta hill
I’m representing India which
On straight outta hill x (2)

Mumbai 400037
37 kya?
Emiway Bantai maloom hai na


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